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Isenau 360°? A Lab for Soft Tourism and for the renewal and operation of the Isenau resort. Four-season soft tourism, eco-friendliness and authenticity are our priorities.
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The Working Group is finalising and fulfilling the conditions decreed by the expert Mr Laurent Vanat and is working on the financing of the Ecocentre-Restaurant which is to replace the current restaurant. To achieve these points, we need, as mentioned, to consolidate equity.   You can help us in different ways as explained below and in the models offered on our website (reminder: we will not ask for the realisation of your donations until the project is confirmed).


  1. by maintaining your donations in the Foundation until the end of 2021, the date by which the project MUST be carried out;
  2. by making a new or additional pledge to the Foundation (to be realised only when the project gets the green light);
  3. By promising to subscribe to shares of CHF 200 from the new cooperative company Diablerets-Isenau 360° owning the infrastructure ;
  4. by joining the Friends Club or the Isenau 360 Private Partners Club;
  5. via sponsorship for companies wishing to associate their image with the future Isenau360 domain;

Message from the Isenau360 Working group

Les Diablerets, 3rd December 2020


Dear Friends of Isenau,

It’s done!

On November 16 2020, the company named “Coopérative Diablerets-Isenau 360°” was incorporated in Les Diablerets, thanks to the capital raise provided by a group of founding “cooperators”, which enabled the acquisition of all the properties related to the Isenau resort (plots and buildings, including the Isenau restaurant), excluding the ski lifts.

This is a huge step forward, which secures Isenau’s future by returning this fabulous mountain domain to those to whom it should belong: the Isenau Lovers’ Community, respectful of this wonderful part of the Alps.

Recently, the unexpected opportunity arose to acquire the properties related to Isenau, including the plot at the departure of the old cable car, as well as those located at its arrival, and all the related buildings, including the restaurant.

According to Stéphane Bise, member of the “Cooperative’s Board”, entrepreneur and second home owner in Les Diablerets, “According to its statutes, the Foundation for the Defence of the Interests of Isenau could not acquire these properties.

It was time to create the Coopérative Diablerets-Isenau 360°!

In our opinion, the cooperative structure was the best vehicle to manage these properties on behalf of the loco-regional community, thus fully respecting Isenau 360’s community spirit”.

The Cooperative, presently owned by a good balance of local and regional “Cooperators” and which will soon be open to more subscribers, now becomes the owner of all the infrastructures (excluding the ski lifts) enabling the Isenau resort to be operated throughout the four seasons.

A next fund raise will be organised when the time comes to raise additional funds, in particular to increase the equity needed to rebuild the gondola lift and transform the restaurant into an eco-centre dedicated to alpine eco-responsibility, four-season soft tourism, research and education in this field and the promotion of loco-regional products.

And even if the reconstruction of the gondola lift is once again delayed in view of the recent decision of the Federal Court, it remains at the centre of the Cooperative’s objectives, knowing that the Cooperative will become the owner of the gondola lift, once it is rebuilt. With such an objective in mind, the “Cooperative” collaborates closely and will continue to do so with the Isenau Foundation, which remains functional, continues to host all the past individual donations on its bank account and remains more than ever open to receive further donations in favour of the reconstruction of the gondola (donations may be made via the Foundation’s website ( and remain tax-deductible for Swiss residents).

The Commune of Ormont-Dessus has supported the Isenau 360° Working Group (now the “Cooperative”) from the very beginning of this adventure:

According to Christian Reber, Syndic of Ormont-Dessus, “Even if the rebirth of Isenau is a long road strewn with pitfalls, we are today more than ever convinced that this project is necessary. Necessary because our loco-regional economy will need innovative and responsible projects, allowing the creation of jobs in our Commune. Necessary also because the pandemic has already changed part of our lives and the future lies more than ever in projects that promote a local tourist offer which respects the environment and the promotion of local products. For all these reasons, the Commune of Ormont-Dessus has supported the Isenau 360° Working Group from the outset and considers very favourably the creation of the Diablerets-Isenau 360° Cooperative Society and the acquisition by this community company of assets linked to the Isenau estate”.

From now on, the Community is in charge!

From an operational point of view, “we will be able to implement, under the supervision of the Cooperative, the activities planned in the Isenau 360° project plan”, says Philippe Gallaz, from Les Diablerets and one of the pillars of the Working Group. “Isenau is an extraordinary place, where activities can be quickly set up.

Anyone who knows this place knows that Isenau is pure happiness during the four seasons: in winter, thanks to its natural snow cover; in summer, with its flora and fauna; in spring, when nature awakens; and in autumn, when it becomes generous and colourful”.

Numerous activities (sports, eco-responsible, studying of nature…) complying with the principles of the project are planned on site.

These activities will be carried out mainly by people from the Ormonts region, in perfect co-ordination with the Canton of Vaud’s vision of the development of four-season, eco-friendly tourism on a larger scale.

Long live Isenau!


Take care, see you soon.

Isenau Foundation Board


The Isenau project is still possible… we must just transform this opportunity into a success.

A four-season resort

In winter, thanks to its natural snow cover. In summer, with its flora and fauna. In spring, when nature awakens. In autumn, when it becomes generous and colorful. Isenau, a pure happiness for 4 seasons.

km slopes

km hiking trails


How to support Isenau

After the Foundation’s formidable first fund-raising in 2015 (over CHF 3.5 million), we must now transform the trial by supplementing the equity of the future Société Coopérative Isenau 360° (SCOOP) with an additional contribution of around CHF 1.5 million.

Whether you were a confirmed donor from the outset, whether you withdrew your donation out of discouragement or whether you have postponed your decision until now, we need an additional pledge from you in order to quickly demonstrate to the Canton the viability and sustainability of our project. The actual payment of the promised amount will only be requested when the SCOOP is constituted (by the end of 2020).

How to proceed :

  1. Click here
  2. You fill in your personal data (which we will of course treat confidentially)
  3. You select the option(s) that suits you for your commitment promise
  4. You specify the corresponding amount(s)
  5. You click on “Send” and that’s it 😊

A few suggestions:

  • For registered donors, it would be ideal for the project to pledge an additional commitment similar to your initial donation…
  • For those who have withdrawn their donation in the meantime, the ideal for the project would be to promise a new commitment.
  • For the new members of the Community, please be as generous as possible!

A few reminders:

  • For taxpayers with a standard tax return in the Canton of Vaud, donations to the Foundation will be deductible from taxable income.
  • Regardless of the number of shares (1 share = CHF 200) that you subscribe in the SCOOP, you will have only one vote.
  • You have the possibility of dividing your pledge between the Foundation and the SCOOP as you wish, all options are open 😊
  • Whether you are a permanent or secondary resident, your commitment is an INVESTMENT for the future of the town and the enhancement of your property!

Key competencies

The working group is a group of people with a strong link to Les Diablerets and the Isenau estate. Its participants voluntarily contribute their skills and professional networks to develop a Tourism Laboratory for the reconstruction and exploitation of the Isenau estate.

If you are interested in sharing your ideas or know-how, we would be happy to receive your proposals.


Composed of marketing specialists, traditional and/or digital communication experts, content editors and a graphic designer, this working group focuses on building a communication strategy and coordinating the related tactics for Isenau360.

Ecoresponsability, durability, green tourism

Composed of various profiles all showing a very high interest for ecofriendly ideas and sensible to the major challenge of global warming, this working group identifies and evaluates the feasibility of 4-season ecofriendly activities, which could match the Isenau360 positioning. It is also here to make sure the Isenau360 remains globally and over time as an eco-friendly project.


Financials are a key aspect of the project. Isenau360 can count on top-level financial experts, mastering business plans in the field of tourism and related fields, with the aim of securing the long-term financing and profitability of the project.

Cable-car and skilifts, technical aspects

Composed of specialists of cable-cars, skilifts and other technical questions, this working group evaluates all the available options for the renovation of the cable-car and skilifts. Furthermore, they are also planning the long-term maintenance of these infrastructures

Strategic contacts

With various profiles and networks, this working group maintains a close relationship with partners and key players of Isenau360.

Restaurant and related infrastructures

Also composed of various profiles, from food lovers to catering specialists, this working group evaluates the technical possibilities for a full renovation of the existing restaurant and more broadly, an innovative concept integrating comfort, authentic local products and an environment-friendly approach.

Legal affairs

Composed of experts of legal affairs, this working group evaluates and plans all structural and governance aspects of Isenau360, aiming for a smooth and solid implementation of the project.

Members of the workgroup

They volunteer to make Isenau live again

Philippe Gallaz

Porte parole et coordination, groupes finances, restauration

Plus d'infos...

Philippe Gallaz Ormonan d’origine et de coeur, Fort d’une expérience de plus de 25 années dans les domaines des technologies et des RHs, Philippe est au bénéfice d’une expérience avérée de management d’équipes et de projets, de gestion des opérations et du changement et d’entrepreunariat. Il a participé à la création et au développement de nombreuses sociétés en tant que fondateur, associé ou administrateur.

Thierry Weber

Coordination,Team ecoresponsability, durability and green tourism et communication

Plus d'infos...

Médecin, Thierry Weber est partenaire-fondateur d’une agence de communication medico-scientifique européenne et est actif en consulting pour des start-ups en sciences de la vie et innovation. A ce titre, il a l’habitude de mener des projets assez complexes. Il enseigne notamment le marketing médical à l’Université de Lausanne. Son lien avec les Diablerets est très fort, puisque sa famille y monte, toujours en tant que résidente secondaire quatre saisons, depuis six générations. En participant au projet Isenau360, Thierry aimerait contribuer à redonner à ce village et ses habitants tout ce que sa famille a reçu d’eux et…boire du Bitter à Isenau en tongs.


Stéphane Bise

Coordination, Groupe, Juridique

Plus d'infos...

Stéphane Bise, né à Ouchy (Lausanne), vivant à Lutry et résident secondaire aux Diablerets, est un amoureux du Canton de Vaud et un fan d’Isenau où il a appris à skier en famille. Au bénéfice d’une longue expérience entrepreneuriale dans les domaines des RH et de la prévoyance professionnelle, passionné de nouvelles technologies, disposant d’une solide formation juridique, Stéphane est prêt à mettre toutes ses compétences et son énergie au service du renouveau du domaine d’Isenau !

Eric Mermod

Coordination, Groupe Juridique, Remontées Mécaniques, Contacts Stratégiques

Plus d'infos...

Eric Mermod, originaire d’Ormont-Dessous et domicilié à Ormont-Dessus, marche, skie, vole (jamais à la Coop) depuis 47 ans autour du massif des Diablerets. Membre du Conseil communal dès le début des années 90, ses engagements dans la commune ont été multiples que ce soit à la commission des finances, à l’Office du tourisme ou au sein du Glisse Club, association émérite qui a organisé les premières compétitions de monoski aux Pierres-Pointes et des championnats nationaux de snowboard dans les années 80-90 et sans parler des soirées du B’Bar à Mon Abri… Master en droit, il exerce ses activités dans la région lausannoise au sein du fonds de placements immobiliers La Foncière, côté en bourse, en tant que secrétaire général. Cet hyperactif, gère sa propre société de gestion de droits et conseils en business musical, myMusicRights Sàrl, pour le compte d’environ 250 artistes suisses, suisses-allemands (!) et étrangers, dont l’extraordinaire Bastian Baker bien connu des Ormonans, Sophie Hunger et la clique de Makala, Slimka et Di-Meh pour les plus jeunes ou Cédric Pescia pour les plus raisonnables. Engagé dès le départ pour créer ce projet communautaire d’Isenau360°, parce que on peut faire sans, mais ce serait quand même mieux avec!

Arnaud Ader

Team ecoresponsability, durability and green tourism

Learn more...

Arnaud Ader grew up near Paris, arrived in Les Diablerets in 2008 to learn the job of carpenter and now practices as an independent carpenter. Married to a daughter of Ormonts, father, fervent ski mountaineer and of climbing, paragliding and hiking, he is very excited to give a hand and share his knowledge to serve a project like Isenau 360 degrees. His goal would be to share the happiness of being in the mountains and especially at Isenau where the great-grandparents of his three daughters were still producing cheese a few years ago ..

Catherine Borghi

Team ecoresponsability, durability and green tourism

Learn more...

Born at the bottom of the Isenau area, this resort has been part of her life since her birth. At 18 months she was already taking the cable car built by her grandfather in 1953 and renovated by her father in 1974 to make her first turns in this beautiful setting, so enthusiastic to learn how to ski. And it was on the slopes of Isenau that her love and her passion for skiing started, which finally led her many years later to the Olympic Games. Retired from ski racing, she has since then taken over the family business of construction with her brother and remains very active in the ski environment as vice-president of the ski club Diablerets, but also a youth coach and member of the Diablerets Swiss ski school. She is also the mother of two boys who had the chance to just know the mythical red cabins. Cathy willingly gives her time and especially her experience acquired during her 20 years of competition that made her travel to ski resorts around the world, this to allow future generations to also discover this magical place of Isenau.

Janaïne Aymon

Team communication

Learn more...

Biography coming…

Alain Candelas

Team ecoresponsability, durability and green tourism

Learn more...

Lovers of peaks since my early childhood, when I was born in the city, my desire has always been to live in the mountains. This dream came true in 2009 when I was able to build and settle in Les Diablerets with my wife and little boy.
The region and the estate of Isenau are magnificent, both for winter and summer activities.
The Isenau 360 project is crucial for our region and our local economy!
Independent architect for 24 years, I will be happy to put all my skills into this magnificent project.

Yves-Claude Aubert

Team Finances

Learn more...

Independent director & corporate advisor, Yves Claude has extensive experience in banking and financial services.
As a senior designer and entrepreneur, he led numerous strategic initiatives for the BCV Group from 1994 to 2006, both in the creation and management of new business models in Switzerland and abroad and in the management of change and growth.
Since 2007, Yves Claude has invested his time and energy in dynamic companies that share his entrepreneurial and innovative spirit. His main mandates as an independent director are with the banking group Reyl & Cie and the European broker Kepler Chevreux.
Yves Claude holds an Executive MBA from IMD and the degrees of Financial Analyst & Asset Manager from CFPI.

Cécile Duboeuf

Team restaurant and communication

Learn more...

Cécile Duboeuf arrived in Les Diablerets at the age of 20 for a seasonal job in the restaurant industry and has never left the village, at least not for a very long time!

If her career has taken her to all corners of the world in various fields related to events, logistics and communication, she now manages a real estate agency in the heart of the resort.

Volunteer, rallying and reckless, this sportswoman puts her energy and passion at the disposal of a new challenge: to give birth to Isenau 360.

Vincent Bardy

Team ecoresponsability, durability and green tourism and communication

Learn more...

Vincent Bardy worked for 5 years in luxury watchmaking, including 2 years in Germany. Then 12 years in the ski industry and the distribution of sports equipment. Also Lecturer at the HEG in Fribourg. Outdoor sports enthusiasts in winter and summer. A man of sound body and mind who loves Gruyère and good wine. Married, with two children, he has recently moved to the most beautiful village in the world!

Raphaël Dupertuis

Team communication

Learn more...

Originally from the Ormonts, Raphael Dupertuis grew up outside of the valley but a part of his heart has always remained in this corner of paradise. Thanks to a collaboration with Glacier 3000, for whom he walks the tracks armed with his camera, Les Diablerets have almost become a second home for him and it is with great pleasure that he regularly visits the area. Photographer and freelance writer, he is also creator of websites, including the one of Isenau 360. For him, the friendly, family and natural sides of Isenau make it a destination of choice, fully in line with the philosophy of Les Diablerets. Isenau really deserves to be saved!

Michel Fontana

Team ecoresponsability, durability and green tourism

Learn more...

Biography coming soon

Jérémy Foster

Team ecoresponsability, durability and green tourism

Learn more...

Biography coming soon

Claude Lacroix

Team Restaurant

Learn more..

Biography coming soon

Laurent Manzoni

Team ecoresponsability, durability and green tourism

Learn more...

Biography coming soon

Alain Métraux

Team cable car, ski lifts and technicals aspects

Learn more...

Alain Métraux, who has lived in Les Diablerets for almost thirty years, is a ski lift specialist and holds a federal certificate as a cable transport specialist. He has held various positions at Glacier 3000 and Le Meillerets, allowing him to gain extensive experience in all aspects of a ski lift company. He created his own company in 2012, MECANICAL, located in Vers l’Eglise in the building of the Busset service station and active in the sale and mechanical repair of all installations and machines for companies and private individuals. He also carries out machining and metal construction work. On occasion, he assumes the responsibility ad interim for the operation of ski lifts, as in Charmey in 2018. He was a member of the Communal Council for three terms. Passionate about mountain sports, Alain is a skier, a skier, a hiker, a walker and a mountain biker. He enjoys visiting foreign mountain destinations, which allows him to share the experience of other places.

Luc Péneveyre

Team ecoresponsability, durability and green tourism

Learn more...

Biography coming soon

Myriam Pichard

Team communication

Learn more...

An assiduous secondary resident thanks to her grandparents, she, like many of us, learned to ski in Isenau. But she is suspected of having fallen in love with the Diablerets already after her first visit at the age of two weeks! Active member of the Glisse Club, she discovered event organization and communication.
At the skatepark, she meets her husband, you guessed it: an ormonan!
Her face is probably well known to you since she was in charge of the tourist office for 5 years, before joining Glacier 3000. Specialist in communication and digital strategy at Debout sur La Table, she finds in the 360* version of Isenau THE project for which she willingly makes her network and skills available on a voluntary basis.

Christoph Stoeri

Team cable car, ski lifts and technicals aspects

Learn more...

Christoph Stoeri, domiciled in Blonay, has owned for more than 15 years an apartment in Les Diablerets. Aged 59, an EPFL engineer in mechanics and holder of an MBA from HEC Lausanne, Christoph has assumed important responsibilities with Bombardier Transport, CFF Infrastructures (maintenance manager for all CFF infrastructures) and several private companies. He has managed large complex projects. Currently, he is the director of Kummler + Matter Romandie, a company of 150 people, which has produced, among other things, the cabling of the new lift installations at Meilleret. In private, he practices sports on Lake Geneva and in the mountains around Les Diablerets, with his wife Cornelia and two children Marie-Joe and Pablo: mountain biking, skiing, cross-country skiing, hiking and until recently, paragliding. He is engaged for the community as a member of Apcado des Diablerets, member of the municipal council in Blonay and chairman of its management committee.

Joan Trachsel

Team ecoresponsability, durability and green tourism

Learn more...

Joan Trachsel, native and resident of Les Diablerets, a young independent entrepreneur, who willingly makes available his skills for local associative events. Happy to participate in the adventure Isenau 360 in order to, among other things, compensate his vitamin D deficiencies at the bar of Floriette.

Anne-Marie Vial

Team ecoresponsability, durability and green tourism

Learn more...

Anne-Marie Vial, binational German-“ormonanche”, doctor, mother of 2 children and married to a man from Fribourg, who succumbed to our beautiful valley.

I learned to ski at Isenau, as did my ancestors from Ormonts, as well as our children.

For the latter it was terrible to see the slopes disappear with the red gondolas.

I am very interested in ecotourism and am very concerned about the environmental challenges that we human beings will face in future.


We would like to thank all our excellent partners and advisors, who have supported us throughout the development of this project:

  • M. Laurent Vanat, Vanat Consulting
  • Mr Emmanuel Estoppey, Consultant Eqiilab
  • Mr Jean-Michel Stauffer, Innovaud
  • Mr Eric Nanchen, Fondation pour le Développement Durable en Montagne
  • Mr Jean-Chrishope Fallet, Alpes Vivantes
  • Mrs Laure-Emmanuelle Perret, Element Consulting (énergies renouvelables)
  • Charpente Concept, Ingénieurs et design bois
  • Commune d’Ormont-Dessus
  • Canton de Vaud
  • Fondation Isenau
  • Garaventa SA
  • Les Diablerets Tourism Office
  • Petignat Cordoba, Bureau d’ingénieurs conseil

Hot News

Find here the latest news about our researches

GT Message, 23rd October 2020

GT Message, 23rd October 2020

Les Diablerets, January 23rd October 2020   Dear Friends of Isenau, Finally, this is the epilogue to the appeal against the Isenau Territory Plan (PPA), which was being reviewed by the Swiss Federal Court. As some of you have probably already read this in the...

Message from the GT, 8th August 2020

Les Diablerets, January 8th August 2020 Dear Friends of Isenau, As announced in our last press release, published in July 2020, the Isenau 360° Working Group is continuing to further develop the project and will be able to count on a complete file as soon as the legal...

Message from the GT, 4th July 2020

Dear friends of Isenau In these troubled times, we hope that you and yours are doing as well as possible. This pandemic has affected all of us more or less directly, and the same is obviously true for the ISENAU 360° project. During the presentation session on...

Frequently Asked Questions

On the basis of your feedback, opinions, comments and ideas, we felt that it would be a good idea to create a Frequently Asked Questions section that would provide answers to some of the questions you may have and also clarify why some of the ideas submitted cannot be taken into account even if they are very good, in order to finally communicate in a transparent way on this issue.

Why is the project called Isenau 360 degrees?
The Isenau360 Working Group (WG) feels that Isenau must be positionned as a 360 degrees resort, with different types of revenues, in addition to skiing (2nd season activities, food and beverages, events, sponsoring, crowdfunding, grants for eco-tourism research programs, etc), to potentially reach a financial viability
Why is the new gondola described as «vintage» in the survey? As the old gondola has been dismantled by the present owner, does it make sense to have a cablecar which will look old?
«Vintage» does not mean the new gondola must be old! The WG believes the positionning should allow a good level of differentiation. The new gondola will be modern from a technical standpoint and will meet the strictest Swiss norms, but one of the keyword of the project will be «authenticity». The project slogan is based on slow motion, authentic design, local products, slow food, eco-friendliness etc.
Why has the old cablecar been dismanteled?
The Swiss Federal Office for Transportation has obliged the present owner to remove the cable, for security reasons. The owner took the initiative to pull the pylones down as well. This was done by a specialized company. The present concession having come to an end, the fact that the installation is no longer visible has no impact on the chances of receiving a new concession.
We have been told that the Isenau «buvette» will not be open this season and that the Standard slope will not be prepared as last year. Is it true?
According to the Swiss law, the buvette could only open if  toilets and running water are avaialable in the premises. Unfortunately, this is not possible for this year. The Standard slope was maintained by the Commune and the Isenau Foundation last year. But in the meantime, the question of responsability in case of an accident has arisent and must be addressed before the reopening of the slope. Parties are presently discussing the matter.
Why not a hotel at Isenau?
The location would indeed be ideal for a hotel! However, the «rural planning» (plan partiel d’affectation) for the entire Isenau area (and around), which was negotiated with the cantonal and federal authorities does not allow the setting up of a hotel activity.
Why not a chairlift instead of a gondola? It would be cheaper
As Isenau360 will target families with children and ski-beginners, the option of a chairlift is far from ideal. Also, the cost of a chairlift of more than 2’500 m is not far from the cost of a simple gondola, but much less comfortable.
Why can’t we have a funicular as a means of transport ?
Because it would have to be underground for the first part of the track, which would be extremely expensive. In addition, it would be much noisier and spoil the view.
Why not set up a project as first planned going from Les Isles and thus forming a hub with the Meilleret ?
This project which does in fact offer a series of advantages was presented by the owners of the installations and the authorities. Numerous oppositions were received and no favourable solution has yet been found. The WG is keen to re-open the Isenau domain as soon as possible and this has excluded this proposal up till now. However, a prolongation may still be possible…
What has happened to donations made to the Foundation?

Obviously, since your funds have been entrusted to the Foundation, they are blocked in a bank account and can only be released by the start of the reconstruction or returned to their benefactors if the project does not come to fruition.

In January 2020, is there still any hope of success ?

? Yes of course ! The project has never been so close to success and the partners concerned are all fully supportive and on board with the Isenau360 project 

What about opposition? (status Jan. 2020)

The Federal Court will judge the case on the merits of both sides. Without being able to give a specific deadline, we believe that the judgment will be rendered before the end of 2020.  We remain extremely positive bearing in mind that the result of the judgement does not question the content of the Partial Assignment Plan (PPA/zoning plan) currently in force, which is an essential element the Federal Office of Transport considers when issuing an operating license. The question of the federal inventory plan (mapping at Federal level) for the lower marshes does not question the PPA – the federal inventory plan (mapping) will be applied as it is.

What about cantonal funding?

The fact that the PPA is currently in force, even though under appeal, and that profitability is proved, allows us to resubmit the file to the Canton. Given our 4-seasons/year round positioning, the file corresponds to the investment program supported by the departments concerned.  It will be submitted to the various Cantonal authorities who will decide on its funding. However, it is mandatory for the Canton that the equity criteria are met, hence the importance that each donor maintains their donation until a final decision is made.

What remains to be done? How can we help?

The Working Group is finalising and fulfilling the conditions decreed by the expert Mr Laurent Vanat and is working on the financing of the Ecocentre-Restaurant which is to replace the current restaurant. To achieve these points, we need, as mentioned, to consolidate equity.   You can help us in different ways as explained below and in the models offered on our website (reminder: we will not ask for the realisation of your donations until the project is confirmed).


  1. by maintaining your donations in the Foundation until the end of 2021, the date by which the project MUST be carried out;
  2. by making a new or additional pledge to the Foundation (to be realised only when the project gets the green light);
  3. By promising to subscribe to shares of CHF 200 from the future cooperative company owning the infrastructure (to be set up soon by the Foundation);
  4. by joining the Friends Club or the Isenau 360 Private Partners Club;
  5. via sponsorship for companies wishing to associate their image with the future Isenau360 domain;
When will be held the next information session?

We invite you to attend the public information session which will take place atthe Claude Nicollier Congress House in Les Diableretson Saturday February 22, 2020 at 6.30 p.m.

Why isn’t there a project which would leave from the Col du Pillon ?
Such a project would definitely have certain major advantages because it would link up with the Glacier and increase the number of ski runs on offer. However, it would mean going through national protected nature zones (marshland, Lac Retaud) and would result in a great number of oppositions.
Why not develop the ski runs on the axis Col du Voret / Palette / Lac d’Arnon ?
It is true that the possibilities for skiing in this area are magnificent. A few years ago, such options were analysed by the authorities and promoters. Any extension of the domain was categorically refused by the federal and cantonal authorities.
Why not link up Les Diablerets and Gstaad with a railway via le Pillon and then have a telecabin between Le Pillon and Isenau ?
Extending the train to the Col du PIllon has been discussed for many years. This is a federal / cantonal project and unfortunately extremely expensive.
Why couldn’t the old Vioz chairlift after a few alterations be used as a cheap alternative ?
A chairlift is not suitable for children in a domain which is specially adapted for families and should make children fully autonomous. In addition, the possibility of a ”second-hand” offer is interesting but hardly any such offers exist since the legal and administrative rules and regulations involved do not allow such possibilities.
Why couldn’t an intermediary station be built on the Route royale to lighten the traffic from the village ? The inhabitants of the region above the village would thus be able to reach Isenau directly from their homes and ski down the run with less snow.
This is a very pertinent question, not only for skiing but also from an ecological point of view. Such a cost has been examined and would represent a surplus of minimum CHF 3.5 million. For the moment, such an amount cannot be financed
By choice we built our home in Les Diablerets and not in any other village. Isenau was part of the reasons for this choice. We now feel that we have been let down, and our houses have dropped in value. The real estate tax should be reduced ! The upcoming Christmas holidays would be the right time to hold a meeting for a debate. The inhabitants and donors deserve it.
Your comments are fully comprehensible and the local authorities are taking them into account. They are collaborating intensely to attain the WG’s objectives focusing on the reconstruction of Isenau. The WG intends to give everybody an occasion to express their feelings. The survey is the first step; a more complete presentation of the work accomplished is planned for the February school holidays.
Since the Alpes vaudoises 2020 Decree did not come about, and the financing cannot be realised, does this mean purely and simply the end of the project ?
It is true that the financing is one of the keys to the success of the project and in particular one of the unavoidable conditions to obtaining a concession.
The various discussions that the Isenau360 Working Group has had with the various economic partners have shown that alternative financial possibilities do exist. Now is the time to develop the project and its profitability so that we can show that the financing is possible. An important point is that, at the moment, Isenau is still on the list of projects which are eligible for the Canton’s financial support as long as it fulfils the criteria of eligibility fixed by the government as regards financial, economic, territorial and environmental feasibility. The final decision of the relative authority responsible remains reserved.
Time is passing and the Foundation has asked you to extend the donations for another two years rather than running the risk of being asked to wait again by the Canton while we gather funds.

The Isenau 360 Working Group recommended that the Foundation extend the donations for two years because this is the time needed to ensure that the funding for the project is finalised, that objections are lifted and that the financial envelope will lead to a positive vote in the Cantonal parliament. The Working Group aims to be able to submit the complete file to the OFT (Federal Office of Transport), early in 2021 at the latest, with the hope of rebuilding the lift for the winter of 2021-2022.

What has happened since the April 2019 information session?

The working group essentially worked on the plausibility of the economic profitability of Isenau by resubmitting this file to Mr. Laurent Vanat, a recognised expert in this field, who this time concluded that profitability was viable under certain conditions, which is a mandatory criteria for a cantonal funding request. Also, we were able to bring together the partners concerned and, with them, confirm that the future of Isenau will be an autonomous domain owned by a cooperative and integrated in the Magic Pass, operating with the help of the partners concerned, in particular TVGD as regards the ski lifts.

When should we consolidate our equity?

Our objective is to consolidate them by 31.5.2020 in order to present a complete dossier to the services of the State of Vaud.

How much additional funding do we need (donations, cooperative shares)?

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Why the need for additional equity?

To ensure the reconstruction of the lift and because the structure owning the domain will be new and, as with any entrepreneurial project, it is necessary to have cash for the payment of the first operating expenses, plus being able to cope, if necessary, with the possibility of a bad first season (delays, unfavorable weather, …).

How much of the additional annual funding is sought through Clubs and sponsorship?

According to the business plan presented, between CHF 200,000 and CHF 250,000.

Isenau Beauty

Isenau is a privileged place that deserves to be saved and respected, (re-)discover this jewel through the objectives of our photographer friends.

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