Les Diablerets, January 30th June 2021


Dear Friends of Isenau,

We are very pleased to inform you that :

from July 1st, La Terrasse d’Isenau 360° will welcome you
until 6 pm to have a drink or enjoy a home-made meal with loco-regional products.

The opening of the Isenau 360° Terrace is part of the Cooperative’s strategy to promote and coordinate an innovation lab dedicated to eco-friendly 4-season tourism, as well as the reconstruction and management of the Isenau resort.

As you will have understood, the primary objective of the cooperative today is to offer a welcoming place that meets the expectations of those who visite the Isenau area: we would like to remind you that the road is closed from Lac Retaud onwards and that access is reserved for hikers, on foot and by bike only. We thank you for respecting the roads signs.

The use of the terrace fully responds to the demand of eco-friendly customer who enjoy walking in good weather and take advantage of the incredible view that it offers on the valley and the Diablerets massif.

Also, this mode of operation allows us to respect all the norms in force in the field of catering and responds quickly, simply and agilely to the demand, while leaving us time to study the possibilities of evolution, including an operation of the terrace in 4 seasons.

Any profits from the operation of the Isenau 360° Terrace will be used primarily to cover the recurring costs of maintaining the assets purchased by the Cooperative, and any benefit will be reinvested to serve the Cooperative’s purposes.

The terrace is open depending on the weather conditions.

In case of uncertainty, do not hesitate to consult our website to know the opening of the day.

Reservations are also welcome on +41(0)79.311.07.05 or by e-mail: laterrasse@isenau360.ch

If there are any special events planned during the summer, we will get back to you.

In the meantime, we wish you a great summer and hope to see you at Les Diablerets and on the Isenau 360° Terrace.

Long live Isenau!


Take care, see you soon.

Isenau Foundation Board