Why a cooperative? Because Isenau must be able to "belong to everyone".


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On 16th November 2020, the ” Diablerets-Isenau 360° Cooperative Society °” was created thanks to the financial support of a group of founding members, which enabled the acquisition of all the property linked to the Isenau domain (the plot of land at the start of the old gondola lift, as well as those located at the finish line, and all the buildings there, including the old restaurant), excluding the ski lifts. This huge step forward has made it possible to secure the future of Isenau by returning this fabulous mountain area to those to whom it belongs: the Community of Isenau Lovers, respectful of this wonderful piece of mountain.

According to its statutes, the Foundation for the Defence of the Interests of Isenau could not acquire these properties. The time had therefore come to create the Diablerets – Isenau 360° Cooperative Society, which was the best vehicle for managing these properties on behalf of the local-regional community, thus perfectly respecting the community spirit of the Isenau 360° project.

The Cooperative, made up of members representing the loco-regional community in a balanced way, is now the owner of all the infrastructures (excluding ski lifts) enabling the four-season operation of the Isenau ski area.

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