Les Diablerets, January 23rd October 2020


Dear Friends of Isenau,

Finally, this is the epilogue to the appeal against the Isenau Territory Plan (PPA), which was being reviewed by the Swiss Federal Court. As some of you have probably already read this in the press, we would like to inform you that the Federal Court has validated the appeal and that the PPA must unfortunately be revised before it can be definitively adopted.

Isenau360° will do its best to support the Commune (Municipality) with this process. The original project has changed a lot, by adapting to external unplanned factors, but good news is that the Isenau360° concept is more in line with current environmental requirements.

It is true that this new development is slowing down our action, but please be reassured that our primary objective remains/will remain the reopening of the ski area with the gondola lift. All the local and regional stakeholders involved are collaborating to manage this situation as quickly as possible.

Positive news will arrive at the end of this month, so stay tuned and motivated!

Long live Isenau!


Take care, see you soon.

Isenau Foundation Board