Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Friends of Isenau,

A few weeks ago the Isenau360 Working Group announced that an appeal had been filed with the Swiss Federal Court by one of the opponents (the second opponent, an environmental organization, having not appealed – a very promising sign for the eco-friendly approach of Isenau360) and that we would use the additional time to continue to make progress on the Isenau360 project, which was presented on April 14, at the “Claude Nicollier” congress hall, Les Diablerets.

Today the Isenau360 Working Group owes you some information on the progress of its work…

The Isenau360 Working Group has contacted all relevant stakeholders to ensure that the motivation remains present and that this new procedure (filing of this appeal with the Swiss Federal Court) does not involve a high risk for the project. We are pleased to confirm that, at present, the light remains green and that this legal procedure only means a delay in time, but certainly not a final stop for the Isenau360 project.

The motivation of the Working Group is intact and this additional time will enable us to finalize and improve our file before presenting it for validation to the relevant authorities and stakeholders.

In the coming weeks, the following actions are planned:

Validation with Télé Villars Gryon Diablerets (TVGD SA) of the best scenario for the reconstruction and future operation of the resort (new gondola and skilifts). Discussions are moving on very positively around this point,
Finalization of the business plan.
Final analysis of the business plan by an external mountain resort expert to obtain a neutral validation on the feasibility of the project and its profitability over time.
These actions will be carried out between now and the end of October. They will allow us to present the final business plan to the key partners of the project and evaluate its viability, on the basis of a more complete file.

If the updated version of the project convinces all partners, it will then be submitted to the Department of Economical Promotion and Innovation of the Canton of Vaud (SPEI) and, as soon as the oppositions are lifted, to the Federal Office of Transportation (OFT).

In summary, the Isenau360 project continues as announced and we still need your help: we will move on with the consolidation of the projects’ funding and you may become a donor or increase your contribution via the form available here.

The Working Group will also be looking for partners / sponsors interested in supporting this unique 4-season, eco-friendly and innovative lab. New information will be published on a regular basis and you may always send your questions and suggestions to

The door of GT Isenau360 is always open to those who wish to bring their stone(s) to the building, because Isenau360 is and will remain a community project, focused on the future of the whole region. In addition, the Isenau Foundation and the Isenau360 Working Group have agreed to consider a common approach until the completion of the Isenau360 project.

A permanent collaboration is set up with immediate effect and the initiators of the project will officially participate in the Foundations’ operations, whilst the Isenau360 project is endorsed by all the involved stakeholders.

Long life to Isenau360 !!!