The Isenau Working Group (WG), wishes to thank everyone who has participated in the survey on the future of the Isenau installations. We are pleased to see that you are almost 1,000 to show how attached you are to this domain !
As promised, the WG is now ready to publish the first results of the survey, which will be covered in even more detail in the coming weeks. Such a reliable source of information provides an excellent basis and will help us to define a viable project fulfilling the expectations of the general public. It will also allow us to compare your opinions with the hypotheses that we have been working on as regards re-building Isenau.

The WG aims to develop an alternative, independent project and, once this has been accomplished, make a clear recommendation as to the way it would still be possible to re-open Isenau. Our analysis must be as objective as possible, followed by realistic recommendations, no matter the conclusions of previous research.

This initial stage will be finalised at the end of February 2019. At this point, it will either a) be possible to present a viable project to the donors and supporters and launch an additional subscription – which will no doubt prove necessary – or b) the development of the project will come to a standstill, which would mean that the Foundation would have to return all donations to donors.

The WG will also constantly keep you informed whenever there are concrete elements to be announced. The results of the current survey is a starting point.

Taking into account your comments and suggestions, we have come to the conclusion that it would be a good idea to set up a Space for Questions providing answers to certain frequent queries from the general public. Should you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to let us know.

While setting up the survey, the WG contacted the main economic personalities involved, to confirm that they are still keen to bring about this project. We feel that this is usually the case when a viable project is presented. We are thus going to work until the end of February to finalise, define figures, and validate our study.

The survey is still open,don’t hesitate don’t hesitate to pass it on to all your acquaintances…… (survey closed on 20.01.2019)