Dear friends of Isenau

In these troubled times, we hope that you and yours are doing as well as possible.

This pandemic has affected all of us more or less directly, and the same is obviously true for the ISENAU 360° project.

During the presentation session on February 22nd, the Working Group detailed the outlines of the project:

an innovative and differentiated laboratory of tomorrow’s gentle mountain tourism, 360 degrees and 4 seasons, focused on eco-responsibility and respect for the environment, outdoor activities, quality of service focused on families, authenticity through the integration of local agriculture and its products.

We also announced that we had aligned all the partners behind a clear project:

an autonomous domain, owned by a cooperative in which everyone can be a member.

The Working Group then presented the actions still to be carried out pending the Federal Court’s ruling, with an ideal timetable in which we would solicit an appeal for donations or subscriptions of shares in the cooperative to raise by the end of June the equity capital necessary for the cooperative’s future operations.

It is clear that today, the pandemic that appeared a few days after our presentation, will have an impact on our calendar once again.

But far from sounding the death knell for this project and our motivation, the Working Group has continued to work on the project and, good news, pledges / donations have come in and are still coming in, thanks to those who have already validated their support to the project.

Even if the rebirth of Isenau is a long road strewn with pitfalls, we are today more convinced than ever that this project is necessary.

Necessary because our economy will need innovative and responsible projects.

Necessary also because this virus has already changed part of our lives and the future lies more than ever in projects promoting a local tourist offer as well as criteria regarding eco-responsibility, respect for the environment and local consumption.

In view of current events, we have set ourselves the objective of finalizing the fundraising for the end of the year (and no longer at the end of June).

We therefore need you more than ever!

You can already make your promises (no actual fundraising will be requested before the official start of the project) on the website

It’s time to support projects for our future and that of our children!

The Working Group will come back to you during the summer with more news.

Long live Isenau!